Hey guys,
I'm doing a Chuck Billy interview next Tuesday the 13th at 4PM EST on my radio show.

Here is a summary of the scheduled radio show:
"The show on on July 13th should go like this:

- Some music

- An interview with Chuck Billy of Testament

- More music, interspersed with Martyrd tickets. Undetermined on whether members of Martyrd are able to make it in to this radio show, Aaron tells me they are trying. Wouldn't be the first time they were on the same bill as Testament.

Anyways, what is guaranteed (save for potential technical difficulties, in which case I may hang myself) is the Chuck Billy interview, music which I will select (although you may call in and give requests, no promises on fulfilling), and Martyrd tickets to be given away.

Martyrd's show wil be July 14th at the Bowery Electric. Testament are on tour with Slayer and Megadeth.

This Tuesday (July 13th) at 4PM EST. Only on WQMC. Look under "Links" for "Live Stream""

Here is the Facebook event page, you can respond here if you want.
Ask him why he hasn't tried Atkins.
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