I'm looking to pick myself up an Ovation Celebrity SS Super Shallow Contour Acoustic-Electric Guitar. To raise the money for it I'm going to try selling one of my back up guitars and my acoustic guitar.

My acoustic guitar is a Yahama FS720S. I have a hard case for it that I need to figure out if I should sell.

When I get the Ovation I'm going to need to get a hard case for that. Does anyone know if the Ovation will fit in the one I have?

The Yamaha fits very snuggly in the case so there is not much room for error. I'm worried that the round shape of the Ovation's back will be troublesome for fitting. I know Ovation has their own cases but I don't want to buy more than I have to.

I am 99% sure it will not fit in the Yamaha case, so sell it along with the guitar as part of the deal.

Your Ovation, being a round back, needs its own case. So plan on buying one. Try asking over at the Ovation Fan Club - http://www.ovationfanclub.com There are a few guys that can get cases (new or used) pretty fast. PM Alpep. He sold me a used case for my deep bowled 12-string at good price.
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