hey guys,

Serious problem here,

I acquired a Marshal DSL 2000 a few months ago. I then acquired a Marshall 2x12 1936 cab with GT-something something speakers in it. I am not sure what the exact specs are, but it has a decal on the front that says "JCM 800" on it, which makes me think it was made a while ago and is a predessocor to the marshall cab that has "JCM 900" on it. Anyways, played it and sounded great with my head - I was instantly sold.

However, I am noticing that when I play on the high gain channel of the DSL, the cab cannot seem to "handle" lower notes on the guitar that are palm mutted (low E 1st-third fret). Everything else sounds stellar? the notes sound muddled and don't have much clarity - kind of sounds like a muddled"chblugchubbluggbluggrrrchugchug" instead of "chug chug chug chug"

Why is this? Would it help to swap out speakers?

input appreciated!
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this is more due to the amp than the cab. the jcm2000 doesn't have a lot of low end to begin with and the g12t-75s can handle a ton of low end and should have no problem handling the low end of that amp. the high gain channel of the jcm2000 just doesn't sound that good.
Your problem is the high gain channel needs to be boosted. Personally I prefer just using the crunch channel.
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