I just got an RP1000 and finally hooked it up, thing is, I have a problem.

The RP1000 is in my amps effects loop and sounds great! No hum, no buzz.. BUT, When I go to connect it with USB into my computer to use the X-Edit software I get a really load static with a little bit of what sounds like a "wah" pedal going through the amp.

I tried multiple cables, USB ports, uninstalled drivers and the problem persits... When the USB is unplugged it's fine...

Anyone have similar issues and know of a fix?

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Quote by DeadlyDevil1985
Anyone have similar issues and know of a fix?
Yes, and remove the USB cable. Kind of obvious, but that's the nature of USB with all kinds of gear. If you are recording with the USB I doubt that you will hear the static in the recording. If you are tweaking tones you just need to ignore. When you get ready to play, then remove the USB.