I love reading books about theory, whether or not it relates specifically to the fretboard. Coupled with practice, it's the most effective way for me to learn music.

Most people I know have a few personal favorite music-related books, or just the ones they think are the most helpful.

For me, "How Music Really Works" by Wayne Chase was an enlightening read.

So, for the literate guitarists out there, which book(s) helped you the most?
No books ever helped. Every book I ever looked at before or since (even now that I know theory) appears to be useless and restates the facts about theory, and not teaching it.

My conclusions are the same, that they were at the time, theory as it is taught and approached in books has a lot of problems. Especially for me as a guitarist.

And, I have seen many of them that are commonly touted as "good".


If you're anti-book, like Sean, then you could also share your preferred method of learning.
I just checked out Music Theory for Dummies, and I've only just skimmed through it, but it seams pretty goood.

Also, I found a lesson on here that helped me a ton, basically it covers all the basics of music theory (up to modes) and the guy makes it really easy to understand, but I can't find it anymore, but if I do I'll show you it.

Most of the theory I've learned was actually from these forums, and other sites that people here have told me about, after that I just read to clear some questions up that I may have.
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the advancing guitarist by mick goodrick
a book about guitar and has the application of basic theory (stuff like scales chords, modes) technique and a lot else. all written in essay form. one of the best guitar method books ever.

ive found its more effective to read it through a bit every so often and then spend a while practicing the concpets therin rather then go through it like a traditional method book.

EDIT: and its not a book, but melodic control by whatever shredder created it is incredibly enlightening.
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^ Marty Freidman, and its a great video, just follow these links







Also, to confirm the above poster The Advancing Guitarist is a great book, by a great player

On a more jazz side...

Joe Pass - Guitar Chords
Jim Hall - Exploring Jazz Guitar
Steve Vai's 30 Hour Workout
Real Book Charlie Parker For Guitar
Nicolas Slominsky's Theasauras of Scales and Melodic Patterns (this one will keep you going for life, though its usefullness is somewhat doubtfull)
Mel Bay Mel Bay's Complete Book of Harmony, Theory & Voicing for Guitar
Mel Bay Quartal Harmony & Voicings for Guitar
The Diminished Scale for Guitar (a very in depth look at a single, usefull subject)
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