If I asked, would you spare me any of your brutal honesty?
give me my breath back.
Now you’ve got the reality that you’ve wanted so badly.
In the the mere smallest of measures I stood for your eyes only.
Yet I never stood as tall or as strong as I thought I had.
In worst of nights I lit you what light I could.
But what I thought was a sun was only a candle.
Love you I never should.
An honest means for a miserable end.
I'd sing you the songs you wrote for me so harshly.
I'd take back every unknown well intentioned wrong I set on you.
But I’d never know where to begin.
Curse me, bury me until you're heart's content.
So this room becomes another occupied yet empty confine for an already unsettled mind, And I disappear with the ceiling.
Cursing at a god I don’t believe in.

and any advice would be warmly welcomed.
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