Everytime i tune my guitar after i play one song my guitar tunes down noticably. I tried tightening my spring tension but it didnt help at all. I have a floyd rose so someone help?
i also have a jackson and i am very good with the tremelo stuff now. if the tuning keeps goin flat then that means the strings are losing tension and that you need more tension in the springs. i know you said you already tried that but thats the only way to fix it without replacing the tuners and whatnot. Im assuming you have the trem set up as a floating? So try this: make sure that the tremelo sits perfectly flush to the body of the guitar so that it is at equilibrium, that way there isnt an imbalance in tension, which means the tension of the strings will not change. the only other problem i can think of is that your strings are stretching out and that you need to just give them time to get fully broken in. hope this helps