Hi. I was just wondering if teachers out there would give any tips on guitar teaching.

I recently started teaching someone how to play guitar and am kind of at a loss as to what to teach her. I spent the first lesson figuring out her musical background and what she could play, but I basically just ended up telling her she had to practice (I taught myself to play guitar so I never really had early experiences learning from a teacher).

I guess the idea is to teach new things every week (or whatever the time period is between the lesson) so the student can always go away feeling like they've learned something, but what those could be I haven't the faintest. If anyone has any suggestions or anecdotes, feel free to drop them here and I hope aspiring guitar teachers can take away something from this thread.

For anyone who actually teaches guitar, it would be awesome if you could write out a general rundown and timeline of what you teach newer students (although I understand if you don't want to do this as well either way it's cool).

And finally, this probably isn't the most conducive place to ask for this, but (specifically to my problem) she likes gospel songs so if anyone knows any simple or medium gospel songs I could learn that would be cool too.

basic scales, you could tell her to practice them during the week. then show her how to use them to improvise, i know improvising is what kept me interested in learning scales.
Well heres what I do. I teach guitar occasionally.
First few weeks-basic chords
Next few-powerchords
Then the rest I go into music theory and different techniques.
When I was being taught, I started out with basic open chords too. it's a pretty good start, because it's one of the quickest ways to start streangthening your hands and fingers. Playing one note at a time (like in scales) won't do this quite as fast.

After a week or two, definately start getting into scales though, because those are VERY important.
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Id say start teaching her all 12 major scales (I like to start with F and follow the cirle of fifths) up every string, along with some easy melodies that can be played on single strings and eventually, open position chords, then scales in open and low positions and then begin working on songs and scales going up the neck (2 string and 3 string positions and finally the CAGED positions and stretch positions). While teaching scales remember to show her real music (easy melodies that correspond to the scales you've taught her, taught to her by ear with your guidence) and, when you get into chords let her bring in some songs and teach her them, starting with the easiest one (or bring in something by someone like green day or oasis), and alternate one of her songs with one you bring it (id recomend something by the beatles to show basic, functional harmony). Eventually id get into shell voicings and seventh chords, and teaching the harmonic minor and real melodic minor scales the same way as the major scale.
then power chords and whatever music the student wants and some music you think would be musically productive to learn (id eventually go into easy jazz standards. tunes with changes, not modal tunes). and after all that, Id start her on the berklee modern method series and work on whatever music she brings in.
that should last you a few months to a year and give your student a great foundation.

EDIT: Id also buy the advancing guitarist and read the scales chapter. Do it yourself (as it completely changes your perspective on the instrument no matter what genre you play) and use the concepts to inform your lessons.
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