So I was thinking about taking some guitar lessons from a local instructor but was curious if it was better to learn on your own or take lessons. are lessons gonna be more benefical or would it be better to do it on my own. the classes are a little expensive so I wanted to make sure before I paid for them.
I've been playing for 5 years and never took lessons. I don't think i'll take any now but a part of me wishes i did when i first started. The people i knew who did take them said it helped a lot and they seemed to make progress faster than i did.
I've never taken any lessons before and learned on my own as a side hobby. But I imagine that it'd be worth it like supersac said if you get a good teacher. Otherwise it'd be crap, just like any other subject in school.
if you have the passion and drive to learn yourself, by all means, do it
if you have access to a great teacher(NOT a great player, but a fulltime teacher) do it.

ive been playing for 2 years, and i took one lesson and he was a great player and a great teacher, i just had taught myself what he had taught me so it was a useless lesson.

either way, youre not going to pick up a guitar and rip the neck apart up and down
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If you have good internet speed, youtube video lessons are good.
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thanks guys for all the feedback. I think im gonna try it lesson by lesson as the guy that does it said i could just pay as i go.
Lessons certainly couldn't hurt. I've been "playing" for about 6 years now and I don't think i've really made much progress, whereas I meet guys who have been playing 2 years who are playing way better than me.
Lessons can't really hurt you, but depending on how ambitious you are, self taught might be a good idea. Then again, that can apply to either really.
I had about 8 lessons when I first started and I felt a bit daunted at times . It always seemed to be about the theory and not much practical and most of the time it went over my head . I decided to try and teach myself by using lots of YouTube guitar pro and listening to lots of different guitarist's. I've been at it 14 months now and I'm bye no means a brilliant guitarist but I've definitely Improved . I can play quite a few of my favourite songs and at the end of the day that's why most people want to play guitar so they can replicate there heroes. I don't think we need teachers but more someone to ask questions and a bit of guidance... I don't really no anyone who plays guitar so a guitar buddy would be great
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i suppose it is different for different people. i have had a lot of false starts at guitar trying to teach myself and always end up walking away in frustration, however after 3 guitar lessons so far my skill level has sky rocketed and my teacher is really cool and fun to jam with. so like i said i guess different people learn in different ways
My Jr. college has a guitar class in their music program, I took it when I first started playing guitar and it helped me a lot. Just having someone to answer questions for you is extremely valuable in and of itself.
i've never takin a lesson in my life and i know theres a lot of stuff i don't know about music theory and crap....but i've gottin pretty decent self taught........................just throwing that out there
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That depends on how much potential you have... If you take lessons then you're putting yourself in a "box" and possibly blocking your creativity(i.e. simply play what your taught such as specific scales without allowing yourself to be creative). Jimi Hendrix and SRV were free, they werent held back by rules. Then again, they had the natural ability to not need those "rules." If you try to learn by yourself without that natural ability then you'll get nowhere. If you want to play metal and know many scales... take lessons.
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Take lessons, it is totally worth it. For example i was learning "Mood for a Day" by Yes / Steve Howe and there is definetly technique and phrasing problems that i was missing by just learning the song on my own. But it is all personal preference
With a good teacher, lessons are great. With an indifferent one, they can just eat your time and money.

There are other ways to get taught besides private lessons, see here for more: Guitar Instruction Methods
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So I was thinking about taking some guitar lessons from a local instructor but was curious if it was better to learn on your own or take lessons. are lessons gonna be more benefical or would it be better to do it on my own. the classes are a little expensive so I wanted to make sure before I paid for them.

I know this is an old thread but I just want to point out something. At first, I learned how to play guitar just by myself, no teacher or whatsoever. Just the guitar and a guitar chord chart was all I need. But not in the long run. I still took advance lessons with a teacher and I should say, it was really productive in a sense that I learned things that I will never learn just by myself.
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have been playing for aorund 10-11 years now and the first four of them i used the local music school, and i wouldnt had come so far if it wasn't for that. but if you realy burn to learn it, theres alot off different beginner book out in the market. I Know K G Johansson haw some good ones.
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I took lessons once cuz I felt like I hit a wall in my playing. But as the lessons went on I realized the guy wanted to transform me into the typical shred-head and I dropped him like a hot potato. Then I realized I started playing guitar when I was kid because I hated lessons growing up - piano lessons, trombone lessons, etc. But I guess all that musical education/preparation did benefit my self-taught guitar playing down the line. I've had incredible music theory teachers and also plenty of kind souls who showed me how to play this and that. Nobody learns in a vacuum, I guess.