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I hate a crappy no name amp and my band is getting to the point where we need to get more gear to save us from borrowing off other bands or having to hire in the studio. I really like the look of the BB410 and it's incredibly affordable, sounds like it should be worth a lot more. Reviews are all positive as well.

What do you reckon? Plus also, any recommendations for amp heads around the $1k mark?
Dude, do yourself a favor and skip the Behringer stuff. They over hype their products, but if you do a bit more research you'll find that they are prone to blowing speakers and catching fire. What kind of music do you play, whats your budget, and how loud do you need to be?
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Don't get a Behringer.

Try looking at a Peavey Max 115. IT seems to be worth your while. Hell, maybe even the Max 112.
Just no. Try Peavey like the last guy said ^^^
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if you want a BB410, i've got one i've been dying to get rid of. $100.

honestly though i wouldn't recommend them. hence the "dying to get rid of" part. it works fine last i played it but it's definitely had some issues.

edit: honestly TS, you'll be fine with something like this:


the head's the most important part. anywhere you gig they're most likely going to mic you or DI the head to the soundboard.

i have to lug around an SVT-610 every time my one of my bands plays. we've played multiple stages in multiple cities. even played the illustrious southgate house in NKY. have yet to ever play a place that necessitated a 610 bass cabinet.
*sigh* Take a second to look at his location. A grand AUD isn't a bad budget. I'd be looking at the Bass Centre's rig deals on the Ashdown MAG300 or one of the Hartke rigs here.

I had to suffer with one of those Behringer rigs for a long time. You might like it at first, but you'll end up hating it I promise.
I'm in a hardcore band and at the moment I'm stuck with a no name 60W bass amp and a Samick bass that I bought for $150 all up off a mate. I don't really have a budget but I earn $50 a week on average, so the BB140 is cheap and kinda what I'm after, being only $550. Anything good in the $500 - $700 range is good.
Spend your time to check out different cabs. In my opinion, a cab is more important than an amp. Just don't low ball yourself on a cheap cab since cabs are harder to sell off if you don't like it.
nah man Acoustic amps are the way to go
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nah man Acoustic amps are the way to go

I haven't seen a single place in Aus that sells them.
Go Hartke. For that price, in Australia, you don't get better.
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Go Hartke. For that price, in Australia, you don't get better.

Yeah Hartke has some really nice stuff for that price too.