Hey guys. As it stands right now i have 2 guitars, both with EMG 60/81 setups, is it worth my while changing out one of the pick ups for an EMG 85 or would it be a waste of money?
Well as far as i can tell from the EMG website the 60 is usually a neck pick-up and the 81 and 85 are bridge pick-ups, so i was thinking i would replace the 81 with an 85.
Any of the EMG pickups can be used in any position. It's not unusual to use a 60 in the bridge, 85s are used almost equally in bridge and neck psoitions and there are a fair few people who use 81s in the neck. Don't base your decision on which pickup is "usually" used in a certain position, pick your pickups based on what sound you want from each position. If you want the lightest tone in either position, put a 60 in there. If you want the brightest, put an 81 in. If you want the thickest, put in a 85. Then of course there are the in-between models like the 60A and 58 and dual-mode pickups like the 89 and 81TW.
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Ok, well it sounds like i want an 85 on the bridge then, i pretty much only use the bridge pick-up and i prefer to play a heavier deeper sound with plenty of gain, bands i usually play are Rammstein, Emigrate, Dethklok and Static-X (would like to play PAIN songs too but there's a distinct lack of good tab for them). May just leave the 60's alone, as i don't use the neck much anyway.

Also, while i have you guys. What's the opinion on the Alexi Laiho sig pick-up? I've been thinking about getting a lower end guitar with a tremalo and whacking one of those in the bridge (neither of my current guitars have a tremalo).
getting a lower end guitar with a trem is never a good idea imho.
You're bound to get tuning stability issues once the crappy knife edges worn out.
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Oh really? How low are we talking here? Cause i don't mean really really low, was thinking across the lines of an Alexi Laiho sig LTD or something.