i have a mex hss strat might purchase another mex strat reg. My question is there a big diff between the 2 mex and usa?

Whats the diff between tele and strat. I play blues clapton,hendrix
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The USA strats are made in the USA, use better woods, hardware, etc.

I would much prefer a strat for blues. Country players generally like teles more for the twanginess.
MiM is made in mexico by mexicans
Mia is made in america by mexicans
only difference basically
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MiM is made in mexico by mexicans
Mia is made in america by mexicans
only difference basically

And build quality, and hardware, and tone woods. What I've noticed is that the fret wire and fret boards on American strats is typically much better than mexican starts.... Although that could just be a fluke, on a large scale
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MIA has better wood, another fret, better bridge, and some other small things.
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Only thing I noticed was build quality, bridge and fret wire was a lot better on the MIA, the MIM doesn't have it horrible but there is clearly a difference.

If you play Clapton and Hendrix then a Stratocaster would by-far out perform a telecaster because Strats achieve mellow tones a lot better then Tele's (Telecasters can do blues just fine its just both Hendrix and Clapton both played Strats)
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