Like the title states I'm wondering what is the cheapest 5 string thats decent. I had a dean edge for my first 4 and it was not good. i dont wanna make a mistake like that again. under $500 preferably under $400. cheaper=better

Edit: electronics arent a huge deal. not a soapbar pickup but other than that im an open book.

Preferably suggestions of basses youve owned or played extensively. I'll be trying some out, but I cant until about a week from now. knowing what to look for or any to not even bother with would be huge.

Thanks so much guys!!
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I've heard good things about scheters too, but i thought they generally thought of as metal basses?

Sorry i forgot to mention this before

I'll be playing some stuff from my churchs music ministry, and id also like to do some 3 days grace, skillet, and breaking benjamin and of course staind.

Squier affinities are supposedly surbpar right? i see they're $229 which would be great for price but i assume you get what you pay for?
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squires are good unless you get an affinity, affinities are crap. I played that exact schecter in a music shop and fell in love with it. I own a 6 string version of that (a little higher end as well, mine is a custom instead of an extreme) but these basses are very versatile. and the action is always low right out of the box.

if electronics are no big deal look at rondomusic.com's selection of SX and brice basses. well built instruments and world class customer servive from kurt.
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Don't be afraid to atleast try out the "cheap" basses. My 5er is a little Samick fretless that I got for $200, and it plays great. With the knowledge that you probably have by now, you'll be able tell if it's a pile of crap when you first pick it up. You'll be surprised how many cheap little no-name gems you'll find that rival big names, for less money.
What's your main 4-string? It may be easier to suggest something if we know what your niche is.
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my main 4 is an ibanez sr300.

it appears they make a 5 string version of it thats very reasonably priced so ill def. be checking that out. and i guess if all you guys like scheter it cant be terrible. any other suggestions? i guess alot will depend on what guitar center has. i checked today and my local store only has a fretless 5 string from a brand ive never heard if thats like $700 hahaha.

also has anyone played an ibanez gsr205? looks like it gets decent reviews...
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ibanez do a nice one think its the GSR205 and its pretty cheap and does the job well.But i have to admit ibanez are great bits of kit across the board my mate still plays his ancient ibanez he got when he first started playing guitar, live in Drop C and its still a great bit of kit.
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squires are arite and i dissagree with that dude affinities are not crap, i had one for 5 years and still plays just ass good. its alittle warped...but hey its great for a friggin SQUIRE after 5 years.. also Schecter basses are pretty decent for what there worth. and Danelectro Longhorns are very light weight, great sound for the price
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Danelectro Longhorns are very light weight, great sound for the price

Except they're ugly as sin imo...
I'd say a Squier might do you best, or even a used mim Fender.

I can't personally vouch for the build quality of Douglas or Brice (as opposed to SX or Agile) but I've heard great things. Not exactly what you looking for but.. I see this site as a little gem of the music community.
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