Hey there.

Not bad for a first try! Nice sounding, man. I liked how your setup sounds - pretty similar to Metallica on this track. And nice quality as well - no hums or such. And some nice equipment pics out there

But your playing is slopy. Especially when it comes to changing the chords around the second part. As far as I remember, theres a D chord being played and each 4-note run changes a G string note. Its kinda tricky place - you need to play it in some different ways to see which finger is comfortable to be moved around.
A good approach to learn to play chords fast can consist of two parts:
Firstly, you'll need to play couples of chords for a significant amount of time so your left hand gets used to some specific chord being played right after another specific one. So with time when you learn many songs, your chord vocabulary will broaden and ease your life.
Secondly, when you play arpeggios like in this piece, you can perform the following trick: instead of placing all your left hand fingers to form a chord and then play it, you can place only one your finger to form the note that is played first. Then you'll have a 1/8 of a bar to place the second finger and so on. I hope you get the idea - you sort of build the chord with each following note when its time comes. This trick gives you possibility to concentrate more on every note since you have to track the motions of only one finger at a time instead of trying to place the whole hand on the fretboard in the right form and on time.

Cheers. Ace.