Hey so I have been deciding on a good setup to record and play live with. I want a coldplay/john mayer soft rock sound maybe a little 80s pop. So I have decided on a les paul but which one? And for amps I'm thinking a fender deville hotrod. But what else wud u suggest for like pedals and everything else? Any answer is appreciated thanks.
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Also I like to play music like the killers, but I'm only gonna buy a tube amp
Alex Hager - AlexHagerMusic
John Mayer and Coldplay are single coil tones. You want a Stratocaster, or a Les Paul with coil splitting - the Humbucker from Hell does cop good single coil tones, and maybe you could put something a bit hotter in the bridge, since neither of them really use the bridge pickup all that much.

For amps, something Fendery or Voxy is ideal, but John Mayer uses a Dumble (which is like a high-class Fender) So for that kind of sound you might want to look into a Fuchs ODS. The HRD has good cleans, but terrible overdrive.

For pedals, a delay and reverb would be good (John uses a Way Huge Aquapuss) maybe look into the Malekko Chicklet, or if you want something a bit more detailed maybe a Line 6 Verbzilla. You're also going to want an OD pedal, so a Tubescreamer or two is a good idea. The Ibanez TS7 is a great cheap Tubescreamer, which is actually very similar to their more expensive models except in appearance.

Other than that, both Coldplay and John have some more 'special' effects, like a pitch shifter here and there (such as the POG on 'In Repair') or a wah, or envelope filter, so maybe think about those.
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