My friends tell me that I have a good voice and all that, but I really don't think I do.
I am trying to take lessons and am willing to do anything pretty much to improve my singing.
So, if you could listen to the song that I have on the myspace profile below, that'd be awesome!


I would like to know what you guys think I can do to improve and all that.

You've mixed your vocal back in the mix, so its difficult to discern what you're saying, so a start would be to throw caution to the wind and go for it when mixing. You've got a very interesting base voice, I'd love to hear what practice does to it. Try to support it more from the diaphragm. My private teacher always told me that it should feel like you're taking a dump when you're going for it. You won't notice that in time though...
wasnt that bad... it was actually fairly ok
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Well thanks! I'll keep all the stuff in mind.
That makes me even more excited to do my lessons and hear the outcome.

I was afraid it was god-awful. I just can't trust my own criticism, let alone my friends. They'll just tell me what I want to hear.
You've definately got potential, vocal lessons will help you reach that, but pretty goood for not having any lessons yet.
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I'm going through these vocal lessons on CD, I thought I'd try that before I'd go to an actual teacher.

But, I'm stuck. I have to do lip rolls and tongue trills. Sounds simple enough, right? Well... I lack the ability to do either! I tried looking up how to do them in videos and all that stuff, but I was wondering if you guys had any advice on how to do that, or if you could point me to somewhere that could help me.
Not so much for your voice but the song in general.. It kinda sounds like both the guitar and the vocals were recorded off of one mic. When you use this sort of set up you have to really pay attention to your guitar's volume. Or you can record them separately, record the guitar first, play the recording through a headset while you record the vocals to help keep you in tune if you need it and keep timing.