I just picked up a danelectro 69-dc and am just joining the baritone world. I've been trying to do some reading but figured I'd try asking some people who may actually play baritones

what gauge of strings do you prefer, and at what tuning? What do you recommend trying?

Right now it's strung with stock strings, with the heaviest string bein .54 I think, and it's also tuned down a whole step. While it plays and sounds good, it doesn't really offer anything different like this and I get the impression that I should throw a much heavier gauge and tune it to B-B or A-A to hear how a baritone is supposed to sound.

Any tips, suggestions or recommendations? Any reply is appreciated. Thanks.
I use either Ernie Ball beefy slinkys or EB Not Even slinky
I tune my baritone in either drop a, b standard, drop b, and sometimes c standard
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I built an acoustic baritone a few years ago. I love playing stuff like Don Ross and Andy Mckee on it. I tend to put heavier gauge strings on mine because I like to tune down without it sounding twangy. 54s are ok. I have used them for a while. Lately, I have been using .14-.68 gauge strings. You can down tune without a problem. I also like the feel of the heavier strings. I generally tune mine to B to b. This is the "standard" tuning that I use most often: B-E-A-D-F#-B. Sometimes I do tune down to A. Here is a link for more info about Baritone strings.

My baritone is a 28.625 scale.
I run .16-.75s in A standard.
Most baritones are tuned first to a standard or b standard then drop tuned from there if need be.

I'll look up my spread sheet to confirm later but I think I worked it out that a set of 9s on a 24.75 guitar will be equal to a set of 11s in B on a 28.625.
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The sound is mostly great. They are not as bright as other strings I have played, but I don't want the baritone to be overly bright. Very mellow tone, which is what I was hoping for. They have by far and away the best sustain of any string I have played(worth clears on my tenor don't come close). It makes pull-offs and hammers sound so much better when the string is still doing it's job. The D string in this set sounds bassier(the mellowness makes it have a better feel to the sound). The other great thing about the nonwound D string is slides. When you do slides on the D and G strings there isn't any scrape noise to be heard as with most other baritone sets.

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Thanks a lot, much appreciated. So from this I gather that it would probably be worth at least trying a much heavier gauge at a B-b tuning perhaps. I'm very curious to try it, as I've never gone any thicker than .54 on a guitar before.

I'm also interested in seeing this spreadsheet someone worked.
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I'm tuned to A standard and use very light Elixir Nanowebs.

String tension is relatively loose, but I like it that way.

If you want to keep your strings tighter, go w/ a heavier gauge. Maybe something like a .064 for the low E.
I figured it'd be better to ask in here than to start another thread:

where do you guys buy all your baritone strings? In searching online and locally the thickest is .12 - .68

dr makes a 70. a lot of other companies do as well. I don't run a package set on my bari though. I but all single strings. 16-75. The top string is a bass string which kind of sucks since they are like 8 dollars each.
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acoustic mirror, you can find 75s cheaper than that. i buy 75s and 80s and 2.95 each (not in bulk, bulk is cheaper i believe) on just strings
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ya? I'll take a look. I've been trying to find some thicker ones. I know the DR Bass strings are more expensive then guitar strings at least. It's like 1.50 per string for guitar strings up until 70 and then it goes into bass strings which are like 6-8 and up.
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When you do slides on the D and G strings there isn't any scrape noise to be heard as with most other baritone sets.

String scrapes are half the fun of playing in low tunings!

where do you guys buy all your baritone strings?

I just buy 7-string sets at Guitar Center because stores don’t sell the railroad tracks I want in six-string sets.

I’ve been running .014 – .058 on mine for a few months by using EB 7-string sets and just leaving out the low string. But I think I want to loosen bends on my high strings and get more punch from the low B, so I’ll probably be ordering the D’Addario .13–.62 set this week.
I'm resurrecting this thread from awhile back because I have one new question: does anyone know a cost effective place to order from in Canada?

Local shops only get as heavy as .68, and I really, really wanna give a .70-.80 a shot, but to order a set from just-strings will cost me a modest $5-10, but plus a whopping $40 shipping just to test it out. Anyone know of any alternatives, or is this a bullet I'm going to have to bite?