okay so today I turn on my guitar and pedal and shit and my amp starts buzzing... I tried switching the cables,using different cables,i tried plugging my headphones directly into my pedal and it still buzzes... I tried my other guitar and no buzzing at all... what is wrong with my guitar and what can I do to fix it???? !!!!!
do you have active pickups?
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What guitar is it? What sort of bridge does the guitar have etc? Does one guitar have single coils and the other humbuckers?

It may be a fault with one of your guitars, or it may just be a cheap guitar that just isn't made as well. Have you checked the earth connections on the offending guitar?
Ok, so its not just a case of "60's cycle hum"....just out of curiosity, which of those guitars is the one causing the problem?

First thing id check is the earth connections on the offending guitar. All the pots, the pickup selection switch and the jack should have earth connections, which at some point should all go to the same place. The earth will be terminated somewhere out of the way, that you can't easily disturb and that goes to the body of the guitar.

On guitars with vibrato's that tends to be on the spring claw in the back of the body, but im struggling to picture a tune-o-matic termination.....anyone help out there?