I really like the instrumentals on this my advice is:
1. SING OUT I know that can can be difficult but it will sound a lot better even if you don't have a particularly good voice.
2. Don't label this as indie because people won't listen to it, and it doesn't really fit with that "genre" very well.
3. The lyrics are kinda not good try never to put the words saying you hate yourself is never a good idea try to avoid sounding emo or cliche in the lyrics.
But if you could manage to fix those things I think you could make some really good music.
EDIT: Okay I listened to a couple more songs and some of your lyrics are a lot better then the first song I listened to, but still they need some work stay away from the emo cliche in lyrics, and I don't have anything against emo a lot of bands classified as emo just try write about things other then I hate myself, life sucks, and my girlfriend just broke up with me. lol and work on singing out.
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The instruments sound good. You might wanna work on mixing the vocals with the instruments better, though. They're too loud.

And also, a suggestion - make more use of your vocal range. You can reach your notes well, but it'd be nice to use more notes.