okay so today I turn on my guitar and pedal and shit and my amp starts buzzing... I tried switching the cables,using different cables,i tried plugging my headphones directly into my pedal and it still buzzes... I tried my other guitar and no buzzing at all... what is wrong with my guitar and what can I do to fix it???? !!!!!
Sounds like a loose ground wire. Check your input jack first. If both wires are connected then check the ground to your tremolo claw and all wires on your controls. If you don't find a loose wire, take it to someone who knows more than you do and have them check it.
What kind of guitar is it? If it's like a strat and has the pickguard like one, it could be the sound echoing inside where the electronics are. To get rid of that, simply fill in the empty parts with styrofoam.

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To get rid of that, simply fill in the empty parts with styrofoam.

Yeah, 'cause only Custom Shop Strats come filled with styrofoam.

I hope you're trolling. That's just dumb.

EDIT: Since it's a G10 ax and there is no tremolo, the ground to bridge will connect under the bridge itself.
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Tremolo is a type of bridge. If your guitar has a whammy bar, then it has a type of tremolo bridge. I've never seen an AX with a tremolo, but if you have one, the ground should be attatched to the spring claw in the back.

Have you checked for loose wires yet?
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there's no loose wires...

Then I would have to see the guitar to figure it out. You probably need to take it to a guitar tech.