Sup UG, it's been a couple years.

The song is the only one currently on my profile. Synth was done with a Micro Korg; I have zero piano skills and I'm no synth player, I only have it to mess around with.

Also c4c I suppose~
Whoa, man, that was awesome! The quality is just perfect and the guitar parts a brilliant. I loved it as well as the general flow and structure - seems to be a classic three part composition - these always sounds right
The only two things I'm concerned about are these:
1. I'd go for some more "live" percussion. Maybe you could search up some live samples of drums and percussion, as those present in the track remind me of good old Fruity Loops days and sound kinda odd and plastic.
2. In the stringed (or similar) part around 1:40 to 2:10 I'd include some slow melodic line, as those pulsing chords sound a bit boring for such a long amount of time. You could take a melody from the first part, relying on the high notes the guitar play and make it up as a subtle line for some cool synth without being too noticable since its an ambient.

Anyway, it all IMHO, and the track is nice.

Cheers. Ace.
Ace I honestly lol'd at your number 1, as that is exactly what I used. I've used FL for ~5 years and STILL haven't gotten around to upgrading (I happen to be very lazy). I feel pretty limited with it, and some more 'live' drums are exactly what I've been wanting. I'll get some shiny new music software... eventually.

As for number 2, I totally understand. I think that part is just an exercise in the old bad habit of "ctrl+c ctrl+v". I'm imagining a lot of possible things to put there, maybe I'll add some... eventually.

And of course, thanks for the good words.
Hah! No shit I spoil that "Clap" sound with nothing else in the world!

You can try out some EZDrummer. I found it pretty cool. It can be plugged in FL too. My Paranoid clip has those.
Or there's a hard way. Get a simple sampler then go to, for example, sampleswap.org to get some samples. Then try to compose a good sounding set out of them.

And you're surely welcome.

Cheers. Ace.