Hey everyone, right now I have a Peavey Classic 30 combo amp, and I play with a Strat with a JB Pickup in it, and I play Pop Punk.

I'm in a band that's eventually going to play small shows, so I was doing some early research for possible amp upgrades for the future.

Which amp would be best for playing Pop Punk? (Think blink-182, Sum 41, All Time Low, ect.) and Why?

I want to choose between a Marshall JVM205H, an Orange Rockerverb 50, and a Peavey Classic 50.

Thanks everyone =D
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Mesa Single/Dual Rec over all three of them imo.

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Orange ftw.


But seriously, you could play pop punk with pretty much anything.
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all i can really say is try them
they all have plus points
JVM- can do pop punk but versatile enough for heavier and has decent cleans
Rockerverb50- has the ideal voicing for mid gain songs

i wouldnt both upgrading to the classic 50
you can gig happily with 30 watts and the tone will be the same
The Classic 50 is in a completely different range, price-wise, to the other two so I think it's a bit unfair to compare them as imo the other two are far better for what you do.

EDIT: I would go Mesa though
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Thanks everyone.

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Are you getting a combo again or a head and cab?

I was going to get a head and cab
*Mexican Strat with JB pickup
*Focus by Krame with Invader pickup
*Peavey ValveKing 100 half stack
People would go for mesa for pop punk? I really wouldn't...

I've owned the Rockerverb and the JVM and for punk I'd recommend the JVM. In fact the only thing the Rockerverb does better than the JVM is classic rock.

I'd also look into Laney.
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