Obstacle 3 isn't the final title; it's a reference to Interpol's "Turn On The Bright Lights" album (which I highly recommend listening through if you haven't already), and will be replaced once lyrics are written.

This isn't done yet; I can't decide if I want to go to a large chorus for an outro, or go to a softer chorus, have another bridge, and THEN the outro.
Obstacle 3.gp5
Obstacle 3.gp4
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Me again!

Intro: like this a lot, but you needn't bother with all those upstrokes and the drums sound a bit too flamboyant (is that possible?), maybe too loud.

Verse: The drum's change seems too abrupt to me and I liked the presence the of the toms. I feel like when they went, so did part of the song's character. The guitar under Logan seemed a little droning in parts and I didn't really like it all. Maybe "Logan" can play the overlay? Still liking the tracks under "Marissa" and "Zach" I think a change halfway down the verse could restrain any repetition, probably the drums.

I like the additions to the second verse, and perhaps it should keep the same drumbeat.

Chorus: I prefer these to the verses, pretty solid IMO.

Some parts remind me of Snow Patrol again but others remind me of Munich by the Editors. The song has an interesting vibe but sounds a little "pop-ish" for my tastes. No doubt others will like it, as it sounds pretty mainstream.
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Straight away something about the first chord of the second bar doesn't sit right with me. I don't know why but I don't like it. But clearly you do so I'll try and look past it for the rest of the song. I agree with the guy above me, the upstrokes are unnecessary, but I don't think the drums are over the top, I quite like them.
Bass part is good, you write some nice basslines. The lead that comes over the top does it's job.
The chorus is a massive anti-climax, it needs a bigger drum feel leading into it and i think the clean guitar should be distorted there. Some nice bass fills wouldnt go amiss. Otherwise it's fairly well written.
Verse again, Chorus again. Nothing much to say.
Bridge is a nice break from things. Not a fan of the lead guitar triplets, the rhythm is far too awkward. But the notes are fine.
I would definitely finish it with your second option, clean soft chorus, bridge, huge-ass outro.
It's quite a good song, bit dull in places but i'm sure vocals would fix that.
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