I want to build an A/B pedal but I don't want a LED. Do I still need a battery for the pedal and if I don't can I just go off a schematic ignoring the wires going to the LED? Thanks.
you don't need a battery if you're not using an led. you can use a dpdt switch or a 3pdt but ignoring the last column.

as far as i know, no but hey i could be wrong
and its probly best to have an LED for 'a' and one for 'b' too, so you know where your at. but im not making you do it
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I'm for the LED's also. A battery should last almost forever unless it's left on ALL the time. I have an A/B box without any LED's and I never know which it's on especially if I walk away for a minute. I then have to figure out which one it's on really quick so especially if you are going to use this in a live situation, I recommend LED's so you don't look like a fool up there trying to figure out what is on.