What are some of the most common chord progressions found in the "power metal" music? You know like Edguy or Silent Force.

Or is most of it all just "riff" based? Like there's no real "progression" it's just harmonized melodies and what not?
Riffs in power metal are based on chord progressions I think, power metal is pretty easy to write for me, I just take a couple of chords which play in harmony, and they follow up pretty much the whole song.
You can also experiment with different rhythms, syncopation, gallops etcetera.

Progressions used alot in powermetal are things such as:

1. A5-F5-G5
2. A5-F5-C5-G5

All kind of... happy progressions almost, a bit poppy. Try just listening to some powermetal and analyzing the progressions though, helps alot more!


Epic vocals and harmonized solo's/melodies and that kind of stuff also help a great deal in making a great powermetal song. Lyrics about warriors conquering the great lands of evil etc
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