As the title says.

I am debating whether or not to continue with a clean interlude after the ending, as the song is only currently 2 minutes and 32 seconds.

Advice on whether or not to do that would be awesome.



Full song version now included. Completely finished. If it sounds like it has no groove, then turn off RSE and use MIDI, but if you do that, then you lose the better sounding instruments.
Escaped From Perdition2.gp5
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There will be zero tolerance
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I enjoy the song...the little solo fills are nice. The groove isn't that great through MIDI but I played it and it improved vastly. As far as length, you can make it longer but dont force it just for the sake of being longer. Crit Mine?

I put in the finished version with the interlude and ending. Still isn't that long of a song.. which is good.

Well it's 5:35

Still C4C.
There will be zero tolerance
For the creator of hallowed intentions
There will be zero tolerance
Fate is your deciding God
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I liked it man :P
I found the Intro from 1-16 a little long, I'd cut it a little but it's okay if you prefer it that way ^^
the Riffs that followed from 18-41 were really good and had a nice groove I really don't get bored of those :P
then the Solos could use more variations, they were pretty much repetitive licks, work on that (i should too mine are worse )
For the Interlude at first it was getting boring but when both guitars came in it got better (also, the reversed strums sounded great, cool idea :P)
the Riff at Bar 112 reminded me a lot of Death's Voice of the Soul, which is a good thing because i Love that song :P
then nothing new, same cool riffs.. Overall I liked it but it needs more variation and some of the bass licks were cool but sounded kinda out of key

Goos job :P
Not really my type of music, but you critted mine so...

First, I'll say the bass and drums were strong throughout. The drums sounded good for the song, and the bass had some nice little fills all over the place, which all sounded good.

The majority of the guitar riffs were, but maybe got a bit repetitive as there is only a few in the song. Vocals may fix that?

As Psykoz said, the little solos could use a bit of variation, as they are quite similar, but if changed a little, I think they would sound good in the song.

I liked the riff at 18. I thought it sounded good and i also liked the riff at 26. I thought that sounded good too. Especially the bass.

The clean part was a good idea, but was a little bit boring I thought. Could sound good with some changes though.

The part after was nothing special, but sounded okay.

Then, its just the same riffs as used earlier, so nothing really left to crit.

Its a good start but could be improved with some alterations.
I have a feeling I'd like this more with vocals, but the lead fills throughout help to keep things interesting. All the riffs work on their own, but they were odd together. At times it sounded vaguely deathcore, (if it weren't for the drums, the intro, and the bit after the clean interlude. Also, the part at bar 80) at others almost bluesy (the main riffs). I think you should make the rhythm behind some of the leads more interesting (a problem I have, too). Obviously the focus is meant to be on the lead, but the rhythm should augment the lead, rather than just being boring so that your attention is drawn away from it. Since the solo is only over one note at a time, the tonality won't be affected.

I felt the clean interlude dragged on a bit, but it worked. The part after it does what it's meant to, but it's a bit bland, and it just doesn't sit right with the other riffs. If you gave that part a more major sound, then it might sound more coherent together with the outro.

For what it was, I liked it. I guess since you put a number on mine, I'd say 3.5/5, easily a 4 with improvements.