I missed all my college offers, so I'll probably end up out in san francisco for a couple of months, just to hang out, maybe take some courses at the city college of sf or whatnot. Whats it like there?
I don't live in the city, but I go there pretty often. Multi-cultural would be the best way to put it. You have the street performers down by the piers, the various ethnic areas, and the theaters etc. It's fun, but I couldn't see myself living there very long.
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Nice place
beautiful women
cheaper booze
more expensive cigs
sell car public transit is amazing
dirty hippies
lots of hills
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it's expensive as ****, that's for sure.

don't be afraid to look into berkeley or the nicer parts of oakland, either.
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Like most city's
Expect your always on a slant, the earth never stays still and it's full of gays
There are a fuckton of attractions like the crooked street and the golden gate bridge. The weather can be really harsh. Its usually colder than the rest of the bay area cuz its right next to the ocean. Personally, I prefer San Jose, but thats just because i live there
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