So, as mentioned above. I have a Platinum Series Warlock.

It's completely stock, minus the strings which are currently D'Addrio heavy gauge strings (65-130 I believe) and have come across an idea which I need some light shed upon.

I'm thinking of changing my whole hardware setup on the bass and making it more 'custom' like.

This will involve the following:
- Changing the pickups
- Getting a new bridge
- Replacing current EQ controllers

I'm seeking advice to what pickups everyone would recommend for a metal bass setup. I plan to get my bass completely leveled and getting a bass intonation done while I'm at it. I'm also thinking while I'm at it, put a wireless transmitter in the bass and removing the jack input from the outside (so it's completely wireless)


I have, in mind, obviously EMG humbuckers. However, I'll need advice on which ones would be most 'beneficial' for my bass.

I would like to know:
- The Model
- Do I need to refurbish my bass in order to install the pickups?
- What hardware comes with the pickups (eq setup)

and would also like an opinion about getting a new bridge? What kind of bridge would you guys recommend?

Thanks in advance,

Hmmm, the Platinum Warlock is the one with the double split P pickups right?

You could just throw in some Dimarzio's, like some Model P's or Split P's. Neither should require any modification to the body. As for a bridge, if you're willing to do some drilling you could get a Hipshot bridge, but unless you have a real problem with your current bridge, I would say get new tuning machines instead.

On the wireless, wireless systems plug into your input jack, removing the input jack to install wireless makes no sense at all. You'll also have to spend a fair amount to get a good, reliable wireless system, they're not cheap.
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Hmm, Thanks.

I'll consider the hipshot bridge. The main reason I'm going to replace the birdge is because my heavy guage strings have a lot of trouble 'fitting' on the guitar. I was considering hipshot bridge beforehand, but was hesitant.

I'm thinking of getting some work done to the bridge dual-p pickups and putting a humbucker there.

Then getting a dual single coil pickup for the other P setup.

The new bridge alteration will cost anywhere from $100+ according to few shops I've been speaking to.

and yeah, I knew about the wireless systems. I mean, I have a line 6 model in mind for my wireless configuration, however, I was just thinking about altering the entire input jack while I'm working on the hardware to make it completely cordless. However, idk. It'll work itself out.

Hopefully by the end of it, I'll have a completely unique and 'awesome' B.C. Rich Warlock. Might even add an airbrush detail to the bass before I put on the new hardware.
Change out the bridge yourself. All you need to know how to do is use a drill, and it'll save you whatever ridiculous price the shop would charge you for labor. I'd say the same for routing a spot for a bridge humbucker, but not everybody is comfortable routing their own bass.
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what kind of amp are you running, what is your budget, is there a bassist that has THE tone your looking for?
no sir away a papaya war is on
I've never done pickup routing before, and it seems very difficult to do 'well' - So I will get the shop to do that.

But I'll definitely consider a DIY for the hipshot bridge, but I haven't done that before by myself, either.

I'm looking at an EMG DC-35 humbucker as a bridge pickup. Whether I will go "Dual DC-35" or stick to the plan of getting the P-config replacement for the neck pickups idk.

Next step is whether I should get my bass routed and ready for the hipshot bridge then get it airbrushed then get the pickups put in. Or wait til I completely refurbish my bass then airbrush it.

and to answer your question, perdestrian. My current setup is a 4x10 cabinet amp with a 300w head, that I will soon be getting a new rig which will incl. 4x10 cabinet supporting upto 650watt, with a 500watt head (maybe).

my budget is really however much it cost. Money doesn't bother me too much, I just cannot be bothered spending all my money on the 'dream bass' I was going to get, which was a f-404.

Plus, I'd really like to see a very unique warlock bass, even if the wood isn't that of 'maple' standard.
Quote by Apoldelyne_891
Plus, I'd really like to see a very unique warlock bass, even if the wood isn't that of 'maple' standard.

Maple isn't exactly standard as a body wood, but that's beside the point

If you're going for a refinish and airbrushing, you'll want to completely strip the bass of all its hardware/electronics, un-bolt the neck, and sand the body down, at least to the point where the previous finish is roughed up enough to give primer/paint something to adhere to. Then, prime/paint/airbrush the body and refinish it, and then reattach the neck and reinstall all the hardware and electronics. It's not as hard of a DIY job as it seems, but it would be advisable to get a professional to do it if you aren't confident enough in your own painting/refinishing skills.

I'd also drill the required holes for the new bridge and have the body routed before starting the painting/finishing process, and install the new bridge and pickups with the rest of the hardware and electronics.
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I'll need to get my bass completely re-leveled or w.e. they call it (where they set the string height perfectly, and do all the intonation stuff. Intonation I can do, no probs, but the bass string height leveling stuff, I'll leave for the professionals)

Anyway, this project should be done in 2-3 months (depending on how much time I get left over) I'll post pics for to see.

I really must thank you for your help haha. You've definitely opened my eyes up to a new way of refurbishing my bass.

I'll get the routing and the drilling done for the strings - What size drill bit should I be using?, Does it make much of a Difference?


Hate to be a pain. But how should I "Mark where to drill" and shit for the new bridge?

I'm also not sure how to route my bass, so I'll leave that to the experts.

Also, what if the "P" configuration on my bass is too wide or too long (< > or ^ v) for the new pickup to sit comfortably in? What would I do then?
I suggest you check out the GB&C forum, they can probably give you more/better advice

Also maybe look around online for bass/guitar modification and building tutorials. They'll give you information on how to align the bridge correctly. I'm hesitant to say what size a bit to use for the bridge, because it will most likely depend on the bridge you get.

Also, any drop-in split-P replacement pickup should fit into the current cavity with no trouble at all.
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Quote by Apoldelyne_891
On that note, I plan to get dual EMG 35DC humbuckers.

I don't own any BC Rich bass, but I do own a p bass. If I'm not mistaken, I think you'll have a problem w/ the routing. The EMG 35DC is measured 1.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches in length. Take out a measuring tape, and make sure your pickups are smaller than the EMGs. Otherwise, you'll have a gap when you install the new pickups.
^ and if there is a gap (lengthwise or widthwise), TS can always tell his concerns to whatever shop he takes it to for routing. They can always plug the current pickup cavity with a block of wood and re-rout the cavity to the desired shape.
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