Finally got over my writer's block, so i wrote this little song. I might work on it some more at a later stage, atm I'm just super happy to be writing again

Fly Once More

It's said Knowledge is power
but you don't know me
So why do you still have control
I tried to be what you wanted
You turn around and called me fake
When I tried to be myself
You just hung your head in shame
What is it you want from me
I don't know
and I'm starting to believe
Nither do you

Go ahead curse my name
I'm done being at your beck and call
Time to spread my wings
and fly once more
The cage's broken
Last words spoken
Time to spread my wings
and fly once more

You want to spit in my face
for turning my back
That's fine by me
It'll wash away
My feet are scared
My hands are bruised
My heart is now stone
At least i can rest easy
Knowing the taste of freedom once more
"I don't claim you'll have a better time with Colt 45...but why take chances" - Billy Dee Williams
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