Hi guys
I recently bought a second hand Ibanez RG370DXL (from a person, not a shop...), and have already had a couple of minor issues with it involving the trem (I won't go into too much detail).

However, I started to think I might have a fake guitar when I researched the serial number. On my headstock it says:
Made In Indonesia

and after some research, I found this:

Indonesian Made Ibanez

These guitars start with the following
I=Cort Indonesia factory
K=KWO factory
J=Sejung factory

The example serial number is K031034335
10=Oct. So 01= Jan 12=Dec
34335 it is from the Acoustic range
So 00001 to 49999 are Acoustic Guitars, 50000 to 99999 are electric guitars and electric basses
All 3 factories use the same serial number system

So my serial number indicates that it is an acoustic guitar. Which it isn't...
This leads me to believe my serial number might be wrong or fake.

Can anyone shed some light on what might be the situation?

Pics? Also, send the serial number to Ibanez and ask them to verify it.
"Guitar is tactile, It's about how you play it"
- Joe Bonamassa

Anything in particular I should take pictures of?

Also, the Ibanez website is really awkward, I can't find a contact address. :/ Anyone know of an e-mail through which I can contact Ibanez?
Go on the website. Choose your country. In the top right corner there is a big red tab with "Contact' wrote in big letters. Press it.
"Guitar is tactile, It's about how you play it"
- Joe Bonamassa

I just phoned them and asked them to confirm my serial number and they did, it is a genuine guitar according to the nice man on the phone Haha, what a relief.
Thanks everyone!