Intro section sounds so punkish and the following riff also sounds pretty cheesy and old.

When thinking about instrumental, I imagine Steve Vai stuff I guess. =D
i agree, it sounds VERY punk, i dont like punk
iagree with nomak, when i think of instrumental i think of instrumental shred, or at least SOME solos, you could easily add vocals to this, the dissonant stuff wasnt that good, i think you should try again, sorry
It doesn't sound like an instrumental to me.... But as a punk song, it isn't that bad.

Intro riff sounds decent, it's a bit overused, but once again, as a punk song, it's expected.

Dissonance at 23 I don't like. It sounds bad and I just don't care for it. The downward chromatic thing doesn't seem to fit either. Same thing at 45.

51 sounds pretty cool, I wish it would go on a bit longer. Same with 59, that's a pretty cool riff.

67 sounds okay, except the end of each measure, I don't like those 32nd notes or 16th triplets.

I'm pretty sure everything afterwards is just a repeat of a riff, so no difference in crit there.

Anyway, as an instrumental, I'll give it a 3/10, but as a punk song, I'd say 7/10 and lose the dissonace.

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