Hi all, now unfortunately since im a dickhead i've managed to kill my tele. The jack plug came off so while i was trying to fix that i hit something else and in some magnificently shitty situation i'm fairly certain i severed a wire somewhere. Now i have a few questions, and please forgive the noobiness.

1. How do I take the pots off?Do I just pull them up or twist them ?
2. If i take the control panel off will there be a "top" under it or just routed wood and wires?
3. Is there anyway i can ensure the jack doesn't come loose again?

I'm not thinking of fixing this myself, i just wanna see for myself the damage i done.
1.The pots will be attached to the control panel plate with a hex nut. You'll need to remove the knobs off the pots before doing anything with them then see how it's connected properly.
2. There should be just routed wood where the pots and wires sit under the panel.
3. How exactly is the jack coming loose? If it's the nut or screws, all you need to do is tighten them.

Hope this helped!
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