Hey guys
I'm the lead guitarist in The Nuvo. I'm not sure how to describe us but I guess indie with a lot of punk influence is best. We recently recorded a few songs for the first time and we wanted as many thoughts as possible on it. So if you could take a look at the songs on our myspace (if theres a better band site please tell me )

We're really just a fun band and enjoy playing live, thats our main passion, but thought we'd go as far as we can and see what others think of our music.

Thanks heaps!
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Haha I feel kind of happy when I listen to your music. Supports the point that if you enjoy making it people will enjoy listening to it.

But once you formalize it some more (it probably isn't fair to judge on the quality as it is now) and the music matures, I'm sure it'll sound good. Right now, you remind me a lot of the Pixies if they decided to have a random jam as kids haha.