The song is in Drop D and the main riff is D-Gb-A-F-D-E-D-C. I have seen many tabs that have the main riff E-G-B-G-E-D in either standard tuning or Eb. Just trying get this thread going to bring attention to these bad tabs. I am learning the song for my band in Drop D so I don't have time to tab it so somebody tab it right and post it up. I play by ear and these tabs don't sound right to me.
You try to pick up what they are doing in that Fall out boy version wit your ear. Its tough because the mix is so busy. Just looking for a little help and every tab I see is wrong. I guess I am better off with my ear.

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You are very demanding
Sorry, just a little frustrated trying to learn 20 more songs in 2 months. Just a little stress.