I was curious.. or rather actually hoping to find some artists within the district that I could meet up with and talk, jam and stuff. Even a band if anyone would be interested. I'm 20 years old and have been playing guitar for only a year. I have much to learn and it'd be great if anyone would be kind enough to meet up and we just flail out!
I live at the north end of Palm Beach County, but I spend a huge chunk of my time in Boca Raton (so, very nearly Broward), because I'm a grad student at FAU. I've been playing for ten years, but I'm not some technically-crazy guitarist; I would refer to myself as being good enough, haha. I play poppier stuf, alternative stuff, harder rock, and a bit of metal. I would say I mainly play alternative-rock. I enjoy playing with others, but I rarely get an opportunity, it seems.
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