Poem I wrote, I don't write often so i'd like to hear any thoughts on it.

Human Nature

See that tree, see that man

Standing tall and proud

They came here in an age gone by

But while the tree has grown upward

Man has grown inward

While the tree worked with the sky and the earth

Man seeks to conquer them

The tree is content with what is

Man always needs the answers to more

But the question Man asks himself day and night

Which will last?

Only the tree knows
Human nature (人性 is a subject that was often debated within Confucianism for over the past 2000 years. It is an important subject within Confucianism that was greatly studied. It is to be noted that during the warring states period, a great amount of people had the view that "human nature is partially good and partially evil", and no-one, until Mencius, commented that human nature is good.

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