i just wanted to know when its best to write a solo for a song, if its best to just wait until the song is finished, or somewhere in the middle of writing it, the only thing i was thinking will it fit well better at the end when all the rhythm parts are done and possibly recorded... so when do u write solos
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It really depends on what the song calls for. Sometimes a solo can be used, a really short one, to set up your first chorus in a short song... Sometimes you can use a long one after your last verse to build up your last chorus, sometimes you'll find it makes a great bridge between two totally different sections... Some come in two parts, and fit over a verse and chorus, and some are 20 minutes long (But thats considered Indulgent these days).
I agree it depends.

I usually write my solo's when I am done writing the rhythm's. However, along the writing process, try to get an idea of where the climax point is (the most exciting part of the song). This is usually where the solo goes.

It is like writing a story. Beginning (Intro), Rising Action (Verses, Choruses, Bridge, etc.), Climax Point (Solo usually in metal, or a faster and more powerful chorus in music such as pop), Falling Action, End.

Other uses for solo's can be the ones listed above, are maybe even a transition from the ending of a chorus to a verse. For example:


Notice the solo at the end of the chorus at around 1:36, when is used as a transition to the verse.
this doesnt have anything to do with recording, sorry.

but, write the solo whenever you want. sometimes i write the solo first, and then work up a backing. it depends.