desperation on a
dead mans tongue
a thousand slaves
take their final breaths

dead men tell
the tallest tales
free men struggle
to bring down the towers

a thousand bodies
and a million tears
ignored by the new
masters of time

we're born enslaved
destined to die
with desperation
on our tongues

tears of lost
dignity and hope
washed away by
greed and power

free men destroy
the lands of our fathers
while the dead
are buried in our dust

time and age
and fear of death
drive the free men
to desperation


lessons of the dead
inscribed in flesh
always ignored
without regret

free men lead
their new crusade
against the old
failing and dying

the free men enslave
the young and the pure
they try to defeat
their old masters fate


the slaves take
one final breath
as the free men
fail to defeat themselves

and the free men die
with desperation on their tongues

There it is. A new set of lyrics. Lemme know what you think. I know they aren't the best, or even remotely perfect. Probably to long-winded. But I tried.
Pretty dark. I like it though. Sounds like it'd be a brutal song.
Its good, kinda long winded but if you had a good riff or two and some musical interludes with it then it would most likely be quite an epic song to hear.