I recently stumbled upon this website: http://www.inlaystickers.com/. I thought it could be an interesting thing to add to my guitar to make it a bit more unique.

From what I searchbared, most people seem to be pretty happy with them, but none of them tell about fretboard care. I put lemon oil on my fretboard once or twice a year and I'm worried about how those decals could react. Has anyone ever tried to put oil, (or any other product) on a fretboard with these?
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should be fine

those space invader fret markers are sweeeeeeet

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if they are made to withstand years of playing, they can surely withstand a bit of oil. besides, those stickers are vinyl, not laminated paper or w/e.

this is stated right at the top of the page.
It's possible to use such as Finger Ease Splay or Lemon Oil.

also, that site has the shittiest English ever.
^Oh, I didn't notice that lol, thanks.

@Tyler Durden: Yeah, these are exactly the ones I was looking to buy!
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amazing...you sir deserve a lol stack