Hello Guys

I don't know if theres already a post about the ME-70, but i wanted to know your opinion about the MultiEffects ME-70.

It has lots of effects but i think the distortions are kinda weak, maybe i just need to mess around to get a decent tone.
Maybe some of you could help me.
Im using:
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Randall V2XM Ninja(Micheal Amott Signature) Amp.

it's a fun piece of gear, especially for practice since it has a decent looper, octaver and lots of distortions available.

For pro live use not sure if it would be fit but you could still use it as a reverb\delay\chorus unit in the FX Loop.
I've been GASing for one lately but it's too expensive for me. But if i had one as you do, i'd keep it for sure.
I just think that the Distortions, are kinda weak for metal, or is it my guitar? Maybe the Amp?
No its the me-70. I had it and i returned it. The distortions are very fizzy and terrible sounding. I would keep messing with it if i were you if you cant return it.
As far as the distortion's go, try the blues distortion with the gain at about 1-2 o'clock, it's really the only useable one I found. I sold my ME-70 to a buddy as I'm buying all analog pedals, but I liked it. The noise suppressor works surprisingly well and its got a decent chorus ( if you use it lightly) and flanger. The delays are really good. I suggest messing with those. If you just got it, it will take a while to get use to, but the ability to save settings and stuff is really nice once you get the hang of it. Give it some time.
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The distortions are really bad, really no way getting around that. Everything else is fairly nice though; it's a solid unit for sure.
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