hey all, ive been playing for a few weeks now and now that im moving onto learning some songs i really wanna be able to play with some backing tracks, but cant seen to find the ones im looking for, anyone know of any sites the seem to have it all?? im atm looking for the backing track of bb king lucille, or is there any programs out there where you can break down each instrament in a song and i guess get rid of that instrament???
Good move. That'll help you improve a lot. Keep at it, it will be hard to start with but it's worth it.

Go on Youtube, there's loads. Plug your PC into some good speakers/ amp then you're sorted.
I would say make them yourself but seeing as you've only been playing a few weeks I'm guessing you don't have recording software etc...? youtube is your friend in that case.
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Download Tuxguitar and mute the guitar tracks so you're left with the bass/drums/keyboards.

And that guitarbackingtrack.com the guy posted isn't a joke either :P It's my personal favorite backing track site