Hi, I dont have alot of money going atm and I'm looking a mic for live vocals and basic home recording. By home recording I mean simply going direct into the soundcard atm but eventually I plan to get an audio interface. I just want to be able to record some ideas at home, vocals and guitar, and still have a decent mic for live vocals.

Ive been looking into the SM58 /57 and the Sennheiser e858 which seems to be popular. Not sure how to describe my voice, its midrangey to high. Think Snow Patrol up to Muse vocals.


EDIT: Should note, my vocals tend to be a little on the weak side when im recording with my p.o.s shure pg48. Could be due to bad technique but I wonder if the mics involved
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If you need it to be cheap, you'll probably be better off with the 57. Otherwise look into a decent condenser.
get a mxl 990..great mic fro the price! and youll def hear the diff in how your voice sounds.
If your vocals sound weak make sure you're breathing and singing technique are correct. I don't know your background but performance is paramount to a good strong recording whether it's vocal or playing. The 57 is often commented as being a good all-rounder but having only used it extensively for guitars and snare drums I can't really say much past my own experience. The 58 is billed as a vocal mic but if you look up the frequency responses of the 2 mics they are relatively similar aside from the 58's better response in the 2-6kHz area which is pretty much where the fundamental of your voice will be.

Also, another point you may already know but many take for granted is put a pop shield in front of the mic to catch any plosives that may make your signal clip, pretty much ruining the quality of the recording.
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get a mxl 990..great mic fro the price! and youll def hear the diff in how your voice sounds.

i wouldnt touch the 990 for live vocals. or call it a great mic either. solid mic that does a very nice job, especialy when paired with the 991, but great mic? probably not.

for a live vocal mic that would double as a recording mic, either sm57 or 58 would be my choice. i would probably grab the 57 myself, and then stick a foam windscreen on the end to give it some protection for vocals. the lack of the metal windscreen gives you the opportunity to get the mic closer to a cab or snare or whatever.
I agree with the above post. The 990 isn't anything outstanding nor is it a great live mic.

I say go with the 57 and a pop filter or foam screen for vocal work to remove some of those plosives.

The Shure PG48 is an ok mic, not great but ok....my cousin always takes one on the road for live vocals and uses the SM58 in the studio. A good preamp will also improve your sound quality so if you are using a cheap audio interface, you may want to look into upgrading that.
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if you want it for live vocals too, i would say go with a beta57A. they work well on amps and are killer on live vocals depending on the voice, but i've never heard anyone who didn't sound good through one.
SM57/58 are both great all round mics for studio and live use, and you will find them on all stages and studios.

If you are wanting to work more on the recording side, have a look at some of the SE mics, they are brilliant and very cheap compared to rival mics in their spec range.


these are mics that i have been using recently and they definatly punch well above their price range.

They are both condensor mics and are very sensitive compared to the 57/58, definatly one for the studio!
Thanks lads. So SM57 with windscreen seems to tbe the general recommendation? How well does it withstand abuse? I know the 58 is meant to be rock solid but the 57 looks a bit flimsy