I've been wanting to write some good ol' catchy post-hardcore for several months now but never really got down to anything serious until now. The result is a Underoath/Skylit Drive and progressive influenced piece which I must admit I am rather proud of. However, being a perfectionist when it comes to writing, I'd love crits on this song, whether they're negative or positive. I will obviously C4C if you ask me (Got some Internet connection issues so it might take some time, but I will do it.)

Lost in An Art of Suffering.zip
critin' as i go, nice feel on the intro.
nice chorus, would be nice with singing =]
7/4 was awesome, i really liked the vibe here it flowed nicely.
bridge! very nice, you really have the sound of this song down dude! i liked the riff and the drums here.
break, tempo change and cool dissonance.
outro, i liked how you brought the clean guitar back into it.

overall i have nothing bad to say, i enjoyed this song alot, thanks for showing it to me =]
I liked a lot of this song. The only part I don't like is the transition into the first chorus. In bars 9 and 10 it sounds like you are building up to the part, then in bar 11 having everything fade into the chorus takes away all the build up and excitement.

I liked everything else though, good job.
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Okay, im listening to.

The intro-chorus1, was okay, i like it i ussualy listen all the song without pass parts, im listening it complete. The progession of the intro was kinda good, i tell you agian, i like it.

Bypass to verse, nice clean stuff, i love the grove of the drums and the bass, it mix perfectly but i guess, you can add more groovy to the drums it will sounds bettah, you know.. But, overall, i like the verse a lot, more than the intro-chorus1.

The second chorus, like the first, was okay.

Bridge ! Soo posthardcore-ish .. i love the riff at the guitar, the tapped riff. Good job there.

Brakdown. I dunno, but i dont like a lot as it starts out but when you use G# and you change the chord D# to C sounds good, personally, i like this type of changes sounds so weird and good : )

Then you use the clean guitar again, i dont like a lot it, but despite it, was good-ending. Cos, just then it ends you can start another one and it will fit perfectly.

Overall, i like your song. I give you, 9/10 ..
Good job bro.
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Intro: Pretty sweet sounding chords, they sound great together! Triplets sound amazing and it leads up perfectly into the chorus; it flows really well!
Chorus: Chords sound nice, and the 8th notes at the 2nd half sound great!
Verse: Sounds good, I like the bass in this, but I don't care for the lead guitar playing some of the more dissonant notes over it; it just doesn't sound right to me.
Chorus: It's the same chorus again, the prechorus helps it nicely.
Bridge: Interesting lead line, I like it.
BREEEEAKDOWN: Interesting chords, I like how you slightly change the chords in it, it gives it a whole new sound.
Outro: Same as breakdown, it's a good way to close it.

Overall 8/10, it's a slight bit repetitive at parts, but with vocals it shouldn't be as bad. Good job!

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The simplistic style does lend a fair amount of credibility and memorability as well.
As such, it tends to stick in the listeners mind quite quickly. The harmonies are nicely interwoven.
I could see some of the Underoath in this piece. I haven't heard much A Skylit Drive, so I wouldn't know if the comparison holds up.

There were some hiccups however.
Verse 1 was kinda stagnant for me at first. It picks up the pace once the drums come in, but I think that vocals would probably be the ultimate deciding factor here.
I think a little more variation in the Chorus could help too; instead of having straight eighth and quarter notes (on the onbeat), you could work some offbeat rhythms in there.

Breakdown worked, even though I thought it was the low point of the song. It's not that it's bad, it's just something that is a bit overdone. I think this is were the Underoath comparison holds truest and not for good reason. It's derivative.
I probably wouldn't change it, as it would kill the flow of the song.