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I need advice, i am going to replace the PAF vintage mk4's in my tokai ex-55 with sometthing a little bit hotter, but i don't know what, i have a marshall vs102r, which is only valve in teh pr-amp, so i'm not sure if active emg's would work.I play thrash metal mainly and am lead guitarist in a semi-active band, Nuclear Pig!

Do PAF routes accommodate humbuckers? If they do, you might want to try a DiMarzio Super Distortion is you want a more 80s sounding tone. If you want to go for something a bit more modern sounding, give Bare Knuckle a shot. Their Nailbomb and Painkiller pups are very good for "techy" sounding metal, while their Warpig is great for death and extreme metal applications.

I have one of their 7 string Warpigs in Schecter and it sounds amazing. Very responsive and aggressive sounding.

Also, you might want to look into some SDs. I don't have any personal experience w/ them myself, but their JBs remain a very popular choice.
Bare Knuckle Nailbomb if you want diversity and pwnage. Link to video here:


Always blows peoples minds.

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Do PAF routes accommodate humbuckers?
A PAF is the original humbucker that's what was the Patent Applied For.
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Thomann are usually really good on prices.

RocknRory - grr, I need to clean up now. I luuuurve Bareknuckles, and I really want some for my RG.
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