So I'm a vocalist and entirely dedicated to my hard work. I am having so much trouble finding people that are dedicated and the "usual complaint" from any musician. The problem is, i want to find other musicians and need a good way to prove the quality of my material. SOOO, this being said, i made a music myspace, and i want to know:

do i post vocal covers?
do i do cover video work?
What would SERIOUS musicians want to see from a QUALITY vocalist?

I worry that vocal covers cant be taken seriously or professionally enough, no matter how perfect i can do them. I need a good way to promote myself as a professional towards people so I can find the right people I need to play music. here is my page:


any suggestions\tips???
truth be told, whatever works. if a band from across the country, or even out of country was interested in me, and this was the music i wanted to play, i would move and join it ASAP. if i joined an E-band thing i guess it could work, but i want to get out and play shows, its what makes music so fun. i need to find THAT band, or THAT musician.
Good vocalists are hard to come by. If you're good you're already 80% through on playing in a band. But at first you should post where you live, genres you want to play, what do you expect from your bandmates, what should they expect from you.
okay, thanks. ill add some of that to the page. what kind of material would people like to see is what I'm also trying to ask.
Well they would have to know HOW good you are, so just post a cover of some song of the genre you like. Or... if you wish to participate in songwriting for the band, write and sing your own song.