Not sure anyone's talked about this, but Divine Eve Vengeful and Obstinate is my favorite release of 2010 so far. It's not technical, but it's musically proficient doom metal with melodic underpinnings.

Divine Eve's Vengeful and Obstinate a three-way cross between Entombed, Motorhead and Cathedral. More technically adept than most doom metal, it alternates between two-chord riffs that are pure surging rhythm and longer, plodding, doom riffs that reduce your soul to ash. On top of the thunderous doom melodic guitar leads both echo and play with the melodies of those long riffs, opening up the sonic space of the album to more possibility.

Listen to the full track "The Ravages of Heathen Men" here

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Hope some of you also enjoy it.
Doom you say? Will give it a listen.
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I still need to check out the new one,I've only heard one of their splits and As the Angels Weep(one of my faves from that year).It's really excellent stuff,reminds me of Winter,Entombed with some more melodic bits thrown in.Totally crushing! Glad someone made i thread,i've kinda given up on making band threads as they usually die within 5 replies.Hopefully you'll have better luck with all that jazz to back it up.
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They always have the best album art.
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Acid probably makes you feel less like a hedonistic raver piece of trash, too.


DIVINE EVE have graced us with their brand of doomy death metal in a European style since the early days of 1993 when "As the Angels Weep" was released.

In 2010, they've returned, with a new EP named "Vengeful and Obstinate," and we were lucky to catch guitarist/vocalist Michael A. Sleavin for an interview.

He talks about the past, the twists and turns of DIVINE EVE's career, re-releases and the upcoming full length album.

Interview with Michael A. Sleavin of Divine Eve
What an excellent slab of metal to come from these gentlemen. I remember getting the As The Angles Weep EP from the Sludge Swamp years ago. It didn't leave an impression at all. I am highly suprised by the quality of this work and look forward to the LP. I would recommend this to all metalheads.
Good stuff, was expecting more Stonery stuff though for some reason. Pleasant surprise!