I am looking for a lead guitarist that wants to join a punk band playing all original material. We already have a bassist, rhythm guitarist/signer and a drummer. The lead work we need is not very technical and would include a lot of rhythm. Some of our influences include NoFX, rancid, oxy moron, the ramones and the clash. Some experience necessary. Preferably have your own equipment but we can work around that.
Email me if your still looking for a guitarist, I have my own equip. and have played many gigs back in TX. Been looking for a band but no one ever replies back. Was originally a keyboard/synth. player, but haven't been able to get all my gear up here just yet. Hit me up and we'll talk more. Thx.
Hey, I know its kinda late but I am looking for a band to join.. I play punk rock.. played in a band for about 3 to 4 years.. My influences are NoFX, Bad Religion, Rancid, Penny Wise, Rise Against, Against Me!, Misfits, and Bouncing Souls just to name a few. If your still looking for a guitar player I got my own gear. my name is Billy.