How can i better my stage presence when i practice by myself? I'm not currently in a band, however, when i go to audition for a band i want to be able to show them excellent stage presence. I scream by the way; no singing at all. Any good vocalists out there have any good tips?
learn to throw your mic around, but dont go OTT or they will just laugh at you, best thing to do is just go with the music, watch some videos of chino from deftones and just move how you want to move look like your enjoying it and you will look epic!
that sounds good man, thanks for that. i watched a couple deftones shows and he was lively
haha, ill check him out. Yeah, i really like Jerry the old vocalist for sky eats airplane, he doesnt do too much other than just seeming real into what he is doing. i like his style, i just wonder how i can work on that when im by myself practicing