I really cant decide between amps but i'm between 2 amp:

1st : Marshall MHZ40C Haze Combo (B-Stock)
40 watt but with a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker instead of the stock one
Effects Loop
2 channels

2nd : Jet City JCA2112RC
20 watt combo with Jet City Eminence speaker inside and built in tube reverb
2x12ax7 (for reverb)
Solid state Rectifier
1 channel

for the sake of this let's say that they both cost the same price

if you have any better suggestions please suggest
what is your price range, what type of music do you play. are you going to be gigging etc
well classic rock and blues £350 and I do not see gigging for the next few months but i need to pick quick cause i got a guitar exam soon.
I've heard the Marshall Haze was a bit annoying to use in terms of channel switching, but when I look at the actual amp it seems pretty easy. It sounds nice, but I've never played it personally.

Alternatively you could look into the Peavey Classic 30. I assume it should be in your price range, but i'm not sure, beautiful for Blues and has enough crunch for classic rock.
yeah if i do get the haze i'm replacing the marquee stock speaker with a V30