This is the first song where I've written everything, also my first recorded song. I used Beatcraft for the drums, Line6 Toneport for guitars and bass, and ESP EC300 and a Spector Legend 4 string. Adobe Audition as the DAW. There are no vocals as I havent finished writing the lyrics, but the vocal style will be in the vein of Bloodbath, Amon Amarth etc.

Lay on the criticisms, both on the recording/mixing as well as the songwriting. Keep in mind that I am by no means trying to be the fastest, most "brutal" or most technical guy out there. Just trying to write solid, memorable metal.

Go to my profile for the mp3.
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I... don't see a link to a song anywhere.... There is also no music in your profile. I'd love to hear it, if I could find it!
Check my profile for the mp3. I kept having errors when trying to post as an attachment in the thread.
So, it sounds pretty nice. The playing is great, the song sounds good, and I only have a couple of nitpick points. It seems that the main riff that you play in the lower registers seem to be really quiet, whereas the higher pitched stuff stood out. I dunno if that's a problem with the way you eq'd your guitars, the way you recorded them or what. Also, it seems the drums are a bit forward in the mix, which is fancy way of saying "they need to be a tad quieter and the guitars a bit louder." Other than that, you have good tone and if I could hear the lower-pitched riffs at the same volume as the higher-pitched ones, then the song would be darn near perfect.